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Quantum Optics and Ultrafast Physics


Update in progress, 04-2023


Yavuzlab is an experimental atomic physics group at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. We specialize in quantum optics and ultrafast physics.

Our research includes experimental, computational, and theoretical studies that seek to answer a variety of questions:

  • Can we use visible light to produce or resolve sub-nanometer images?
  • Can we engineer the index of refraction in an atomic system to produce interesting behavior like lossless index enhancement or a negative index?
  • Can we exploit the interaction of light and molecules in order to efficiently turn one laser into dozens of coherent lasers?
  • Can we construct a continuous-wave "white laser," a broadband coherent light source capable of producing both sub-femtosecond pulses and arbitrary optical waveforms?
  • Can we localize populations of atoms to regions much smaller than a diffraction-limited spot?
We investigate these and a variety of other problems in our two optics labs and through computer modeling.

If you're interested in our work or working with us feel free to stop by or contact us.

Blue laser Lasers!

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Labs: 5315 & 5307 Chamberlain Hall
Department of Physics
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Lab: 608-262-5414
Office: 608-263-9399
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